About Kind Find

Our Story

As a new vegan, I loved shopping for ethical products online, but found myself accidentally purchasing non-vegan items thinking that they were vegan.

I had no idea what vegan brands to swap in for my old products, so I went to Google for answers and found articles like "10 Vegan Shoes You'll Want to Wear" and "5 Vegan Milks We Love".

On the surface these types of articles are great. The problem for me was that they didn't clearly state whether a brand is 100% vegan or not. I made the rookie mistake of assuming that if a brand sells a vegan product, then they must be a vegan brand. 🤦

"I can't be the only one that's making this mistake" I thought to myself. "It should be way easier to find brands that are 100% vegan." Then, I raged: "Respected vegan websites like *bleep* and *bleep* shouldn't mix their recommendations! This is all their fault! Someone should do something about this!"

And thus with a tiny tantrum and a self-righteous rant, Kind Find was born.

Over a year ago, we started building a database of 100% vegan brands to share with the world. That database is now 1,000+ companies strong and growing every day. Our weekly email is crafted using info from the database and is designed to introduce you to companies and products you may have never heard of.

Each week I'll share at least five new brands with you. Issues are published every Monday and will be archived on the blog for you to reference later. Kind Find is and will always be an ad-free, affiliate-free, sponsor-free zone.

Our Mission

Directly help the vegan and plant-based community thrive

We do this by:

   ✔  Introducing people to new vegan eCommerce brands. (Finds)
   ✔  Covering vegan industry innovations and trends. (Trends)
   ✔  Connecting vegan job seekers with vegan employers. (Listings)

Our Purpose

Kind Find isn't just another newsletter. It's a platform where anyone can expand their horizons; and a place where ethical brands can tap into a large audience, scale their business and spread vegan living both far and wide.

By joining this community, you’re doing something special. You’re making a conscious decision to be kind to animals, kind to the earth, and kind to humans—reducing your ecological footprint. You’re also taking an important step towards supporting vegan businesses and helping ethical commerce to thrive.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Chief Brand Nerd @ Kind Find